Size Guide

Do not measure over clothes. It is far more accurate measuring the actual body. If you intend on shopping without the child then it is advisable you have a note of these on you.

Collar: Measure around base of neck, inser two fingers between neck and tape to allow growth.
Chest: Position tape close to underarms, measure chest at fullest point.
Dress and tunic length: Measure from nape of neck to length required.
Waist: Measure around the natural waistline.
Skirt length: Measure from middle of waist to length required.
Inside leg: Measure with shoes on, to approximately 5cm above the ground.

The table below provide additional help with the sizing of our garments. Please note, these are intended for guidance only. If in doubt please contact us.

Children’s sizes

AgeHeightChestWaistInside LegOutside LegCollar
33ft 2″ (98cm)
3-424″ (61cm)22″ (56cm)10½” (27cm)
43ft 4″ (104cm)20″ (51cm)16″ (41cm)
4-524″ (61cm)11″ (28cm)
53ft 6″ (110cm)18″ (46cm)
5-626″ (66cm)20″ (51cm)26″ (66cm)11½” (29cm)
63ft 9″ (116cm)19″ (48cm)
6-728″ (71cm)
73ft 11″ (122cm)20″ (51cm)
7-828″ (71cm)22″ (56cm)30″ (76cm)
84ft 2″ (128cm)21½” (55cm)
8-932″ (81cm)12½” (32cm)
94ft 4½” (134cm)23″ (58cm)
9-1030″ (76cm)24″ (61cm)34″ (86cm)
104ft 7″ (140cm)24″ (61cm)
10-1113″ (33cm)
114ft 9″ (146cm)25″ (63cm)25″ (63cm)
11-1232″ (81cm)13½” (34cm)
125ft (152cm)26″ (66cm)26″ (66cm)
135ft 2″ (158cm)27″ (69cm)28″ (71cm)
13-1434″ (86cm)14″ (36cm)
145ft 5″ (164cm)28″ (71cm)30″ (76cm)
14-1536″ / XS (91cm)14½” (36cm)
155ft 8″ (170cm)31″ (79cm)
165ft 10″ (176cm)38″ / S (96cm)32″ (81cm)15″ (38cm)
40” / M (102cm)
42” / L (107cm)

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